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Quick Response codes, or QR codes, enhance physical things with digital content. They’re like bar codes on steroids. Just scan them with an app on your smartphone, and you’re immediately taken to digital information (very often a web page) in the moment. 

Imagine the possibilities of this!

  1. BulletEnhance a print ad with a QR code linked to a YouTube video about the product advertised.

  2. BulletUse QR codes on product packaging to offer mobile coupons or special offers on the spot.

  3. BulletMake ‘For Sale’ signs interactive by linking QR codes to online photo galleries and enabling immediate tour requests.

  4. BulletLet trade show attendees scan QR codes at your booth, so they get the exact information they really need—right away.

  5. BulletUse QR codes on building signage to identify locations of offices and offer on-the-spot directions and details.

You can start using QR codes immediately, as the technology is open source, universal and free for basic use. This video, plus others on the QRHere YouTube channel, offer helpful information so that you can get your own QR code program started today. Visit the QRHere blog anytime for even more ideas and details, as well.

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