QRHere for Tourism

Imagine giving visitors all they need to have a great trip now and reconnect again when they’re back home. It’s possible with QRHere.

  1. BulletBring every point of interest to life with digital info through your smartphone app

  2. BulletEngage visitors in the moment and cross-promote all locations and events

  3. BulletInvite visitors to capture their own travelogue through their scan histories

  4. BulletMeasure activities by location and by visitor to know what works for your city


QRHere for Retail

Imagine interacting with customers in store and inviting them to shop again at home. Only QRHere has all the tools you need.

  1. BulletEmpower shoppers to get real-time details and product information

  2. BulletEnable shoppers to build product portfolios they can revisit later online

  3. BulletMake socail sharing of products and interests seamless in the momentl

  4. BulletTrack activity by customer, zip code, date and time—to alter marketing intelligently


QRHere for Manufacturers

Imagine gaining insight into the market beyond direct distribution for true business intelligence. QRHere makes it possible.

  1. BulletGenerate market data to gauge consumer interest and activity by region, retailer, etc.

  2. BulletSave on print costs of marketing materials by instead giving details on phone, online

  3. BulletAdd value down the chain of distribution by sharing market details with all involved

  4. BulletGet real-time and historical insights to aid in production decisions and sales tactics




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