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A QRHere Case Study:

              Crossville, Inc. -

      Manufacturer of porcelain tile

  1. Results:

  2. BulletMore sustainability 

  3. BulletLower printing costs

  4. BulletBetter consumer interactions

  5. BulletGreater market insights

  6.                                           ...with QRHere

Crossville, Inc. developed a more sustainable solution.

Crossville, Inc. is committed to responsible, eco-friendly practices. That’s why the company invented a sustainable alternative for providing tile samples to the marketplace. The Crossville ‘Sustainable Samples Kit’ features high res, highly accurate images of Crossville products on chipboard, greatly reducing the need to send real tile samples.

Enter the need for QRHere’s powerful system.

Rather than support this unique innovation with traditional print brochures, Crossville opted to place QR codes on the back of each sample—to take customers to detailed, digital info via smartphones. That’s why the company turned to QRHere—for an advanced, robust branded mobile app for QR code reading and online interfaces for extended consumer interactions.

Crossville chose QRHere for its distinct advantages.

QRHere created a custom name, look and integrated functionality for the Crossville system. Called “Crossville Q2R,” this system features mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry with added capabilities to help customers easily get in touch with Crossville on the phone as well as revisit personal product portfolios anytime online. The system also has deep activity tracking. 

Now Crossville has more insight into the market.

Crossville has enjoyed being a leader in digital/mobile technology for its industry thanks to the QRHere system. Now Crossville tracks activity down to the retail level, providing more value for the company’s distribution partners. Also, the company is able to monitor and manage trade show participation, impact results and has reduced costs related to printing marketing materials.

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