Congrats! You now have a mobile marketing department.

That’s right. Just plug our technology and knowledge right into your next pitch or your current client’s program; we are an extension of all the good stuff you presently offer through your agency or firm. And there’s no ego here. Slap a sticker on anything and everything we offer, if you so desire—so your clients identify you as the go-to gurus for mobile marketing and QR code solutions. 

QRHere is there for you.

Because QRHere is founded by a career-long marketing/ad agency pro, we ‘come with’ the infrastructure to service the needs of agencies, firms and industry partners. From how we offer our technology, provide account support and price our solutions, you’ll see we’re very effective in helping you meet your client’s needs without depleting your time-strapped staff—while simultaneously defining a new revenue stream in the process.

  1. BulletEnhance existing agency capabilities without adding staff or losing productivity to niche training.

  2. BulletInfuse forward-thinking solutions into current client campaigns and marketing strategies.

  3. BulletIntegrate a steady revenue stream while also bringing your clients a solution that will rock their results.          (615) 292-0899

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QRHere for Agencies:

        Founded with inherent understanding

         of agencies’ needs

        Seamless service behind the scenes,

        so you are your clients’ hero

        Versatile to integrate into the big    

        picture, focused on real results        


An Advanced QR Code Technology System